SLSD addresses changes in preparation for fall

After a flurry of administration movement across the district, positions are now being filled at the South Lane School District. 

The departures of Cottage Grove High School principal Mike Ingman, assistant principal/athletic director Gary Roberts and SLSD assistant superintendent Kyle Tucker paired with principal changes at three schools in the district have given a feeling of change around the district - a feeling that SLSD director of Human Resources Brian McCasline pushed back against. 

“This year, while there are some key leadership positions that have changed, it’s pretty close to a typical year as far as numbers are concerned. Nineteen administrators and we had three folks leave in the same year. Again, we hate to see anybody go but again, that’s not that many. Three of 19 isn’t huge,” said McCasline. “It is huge in that you have to replace them.”

The replacement process was in full effect last week as CGHS filled the top vacancies at the school. At the June 17 SLSD school board meeting Matt Myers, who was most recently at Churchill High School, was announced as the new assistant principal/athletic director. (For more on Myers in the role of athletic director, see B1.) Myers was one of 35 applicants for the position. 

Last Friday, SLSD announced that Kevin Herington will be the new principal at CGHS. A press release from the district stated that Herington has eight years of experience as a building administrator and for the last three years has been the director of Career and Technical Education at the 4J School District in Eugene. Herington was one of 18 applicants for the position of principal.

The SLSD has not hired an assistant superintendent. 

The other recent moves across the district have included the movement of principals and assistant principals. The administrative musical chairs started after Lincoln’s principal Jeremy Smith took the position of high school success coordinator at CGHS. 

This move put Bill Bechen, who has been the principal at London, to become the new principal at Lincoln. Laurie Melendy, the former assistant principal at Bohemia, then filled Bechen’s job as she is now the principal at London. This then moved Anne Fisk, principal of the now closed Latham, to become assistant principal at Bohemia.  

“We’ve had a lot of longevity, which is great, and I’m sure we’ll have longevity in the future but there were several moves right now. And part of that is also, if you’ll remember, is because of Latham. Latham closed and we have to place that principal somewhere as well. There was going to be some movement and there was just more movement than we’ve had in a few years,” said McCasline. 

Kim Scrima, who served as principal at Al Kennedy High School while principal Halie Ketcher was on maternity leave, is now principal at Kennedy while Ketcher is an assistant principal at CGHS. 

“With movement comes opportunity,” said McCasline. “Change sometimes can be really good so we’re looking forward to all these new administrators and teachers and moving forward and making great things happen for kids.”


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