Police Log: 11/2/2021 - 11/8/2021

Nov. 2

• An officer working patrol performing routine parking enforcement observed a vehicle parked near 830 Benjamin on the south side of the street. The vehicle had pine needles and leaves all of the vehicle as well as a flat on the driver’s side rear tire. The vehicle was marked and tagged for storage.

• Two juvenile females were cited and released at Cottage Grove High School for O.R.S. 166.065 Harassment. The students were contacted by school staff after administration discovered a digital video of Harassment and Bullying that occurred the day before on Nov. 1.

• An unknown person was reported to have stolen at item valued at $200 from 5 Flying Monkeys on Main Street.

Nov. 3

• An individual caused a scene in the Vintage Inn restaurant by yelling profanities at the wait staff, customers, and police officers. When asked to leave the business, she cursed and threw drink cups of water onto the table, then continued to delay her exit. There were more than 10 patrons in this area of the restaurant and the individual’s actions and yelling caused public inconvenience and alarm. After being advised that she was under arrest for disorderly conduct, the individual actively resisted arrest, kicking and trying to bite the arresting officer.

Nov. 4

• Cottage Grove Police were dispatched to the business of Chevron market in regards to a

disorderly subject call for service. Ultimately, the subject was contacted and taken into custody for Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree and was later lodged into the Cottage Grove Municipal Jail. The vehicle involved was towed from the scene after the arrest as no one could respond to retrieve the vehicle for the suspect in a timely manner. The case was closed by arrest and a report was forwarded to the City Attorney’s Office and OLCC for review.

Nov. 5

• While preparing to release an individual from the Cottage Grove Municipal Jail on bail for an unrelated charge, it was discovered he had a valid warrant for his arrest out of Douglas County, Oregon. Cottage Grove Dispatch confirmed the warrant and Douglas County subsequently advised officers the subject could be provided a citation with a new court date rather than being taken into physical custody. The individual was cited and released for the warrant without incident.

• A resident reported that she could not leave her residence as her driveway was physically blocked by a vehicle. A responding officer attempted locating the owner at the nearby residence, but no one could be found to take ownership of the vehicle in over 45 minutes of looking. The registered owner had no local contacts or phone information. The vehicle was unoccupied and cold to the touch. An officer requested a towing company to respond and tow the vehicle. A tow form was completed and the vehicle towed to the company’s lot.

• Officers made contact with an individual who reported his vehicle being taken overnight on the 200 block of North 10th Street.

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