Police Log 11/16/2021 - 11/21/2021

Nov. 16

• An individual was taken voluntarily to University District Peace Health Hospital for a mental evaluation. The person was witnessed and reported to be attempting to break into an apartment not belonging to him. This was reported by a neighbor who also lives at the individual’s apartment complex. Police had responded and contacted the individual four separate times over the past five days on this matter. The individual in the past gas called 911 when he believes that he hears gunshots and a woman scream for help, so he has repeatedly tried to unlawfully enter an apartment. The concerns were found to be false. The individual also sometimes believes that the woman invites him over, which she does not. The individual agreed with a responding officer that he needs mental health treatment and ultimately requested that he receive it. He was transported to the evaluation without incident.

• A vehicle accident resulting in injury occurred on the 900 block of Row River Road.

• Shoplifting was reported at Walmart and officers were asked to check the Row River Trail for two suspects who pushed away two full carts of merchandise without paying for it.

Nov. 17

• CGPD was advised of graffiti on a bridge at Woodson Lane and N 9th Streets.

• A hit-and-run was reported on the 800 block of Johnson Avenue.

Nov. 18

• Theft of gas from a motor vehicle was reported on the 300 block of S 5th Street.

• Officers responded to meet a business owner, who herself responded to the location on Gateway Boulevard after a friend woke her up to advise of a broken glass door. Upon arrival, the business was not occupied and although some things appeared to be searched, nothing appeared to be obviously missing.

• Officers responded to the 300 block on Hwy 99 regarding a burglary alarm.

• Telephonic fraud was reported from a mini-mart on Main Street when an employee received a call from an unknown male asking the employee to deposit money into the CoinCloud machine to convert it to BitCoin and transfer it to an unknown account.

Nov. 20

• An individual called Cottage Grove Police and reported hearing yelling in the area of the 400 block of Fillmore Avenue. The complainant stated she went outside and observed a red bag with white plastic hanging out of it. An officer responded to the area and observed the bag sitting on the sidewalk but did not hear any yelling or witness anyone around it. The officer opened the bag and observed clothing inside it. The bag was seized and placed it into a locker located at the Cottage Grove Police Department for safekeeping.

• A complainant reported his vehicle was tampered with on the 1600 block of Gateway Boulevard.


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