Oregon’s Women Aviator’s of the 1930’s presentation at Community Center

Photo: Courtesy of the Oregon Aviation Historical Society

January 19 - On Saturday, January 21st at 10:00am at the Cottage Grove Community Center, the Cottage Grove Historical Society hosts the Oregon Aviation Historical Society for a free presentation entitled “Oregon’s Women Aviators of the 1930’s.” Their executive director, using material researched and compiled by Outdoor History Consulting historian Dave Hedberg, will discuss how the Rankin School of Flying in Portland trained a number of remarkable women pilots. Tex Rankin operated the largest flight school in the nation at the time, and his curriculum provided a solid basis for these women to stand out as aerobatic champions, barnstormers, and “air circus’ performers.

Stop by the Cottage Grove Community Center to learn about the perils these pilots overcame, their rigorous training, and how these ordinary people achieved the extraordinary. The Oregon Aviation Historical Society’s museum is located at the Cottage Grove State Airport at 2475 Jim Wright Way. Visit their website and social media page, oregonaviation.org and facebook.com/oregonaviationhs offer more information.