Long-time city engineer retires

After 22 years of employment with Cottage Grove, City Engineer Ron Bradsby retires today (Dec. 23), ending more than 38 years of public service.

Bradsby began his career working in the natural resource field for the US Forest Service and later for the Oregon Department of Forestry utilizing his Forest Engineering Degree.

In 1987, he made a career change accepting a job for the City of Hood River in their Engineering Department utilizing his Civil Engineering Degree. In 1999, he accepted a job offer from Cottage Grove in the Public Works Engineering Department.

As the city engineer, Bradsby has reviewed most all the planning and building applications, prepared the Public Works Department budgets, designed infrastructure improvements, performed inspections, oversaw capital improvement projects, answered daily questions from the public and city staff, and many more daily tasks.

Most recently, Bradsby completed the Safe Routes to School project, ensuring Lincoln Middle School students could safely walk to school. It also included upgrading the Fillmore storm drainage system, increasing capacity of the system which includes a bioswale to filter the storm water.

“Ron has been an incredible asset to the city and will be greatly missed,” stated the city on its website. “Thank you, Ron, for all you have done for Cottage Grove the last 22 years.”


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