City to reimburse for mainline replacement

The Cottage Grove City Council voted unanimously on Monday night to approve reimbursing the developer of the Harrison Village Apartments for an upcoming replacement of a city sanitary sewer mainline.

During the process of constructing the apartments, a Hi-Valley Development Corporation project, contractor Meili Construction discovered that it must replace an 8-inch city sewer mainline running through the Harrison Village Apartments property in order to serve the new development.

The property is on the southern half of the old Harrison Elementary School property, which was partitioned earlier this year.

The sewer line in question was constructed before 1975, states the council memorandum, and is in poor condition.

It currently serves 55 homes, the old Harrison school building and the Warren Daugherty Aquatic Center.

The owner of the Harrison Village Apartments has offered to have Meili Construction replace the current 8-inch sewer mainline with a 12-inch PVC line when connecting the new apartment buildings to the city sewer mainline.

Meili Construction has estimated the cost to replace the sewer line with the 12-inch PVC line at $140,453. It’s assumed the replacement will take place between the existing sewer manholes at the intersection of South 10th Street and Tyler Avenue extending approximately 270 feet west to the western edge of the property. The paving of the intersection where the line will be replaced will then be patched, according to the preliminary estimate.

There is also a 24-inch storm line, confirmed by the city to be abandoned, which will be removed.

“Even considering the payment of prevailing wages, this amount reflects a cost savings on mobilization costs,” states the memorandum.

It’s hoped a prompt replacing the line will keep Hi-Valley Development Corporation’s project on its timeline and ensure completion of the new line before the fall rains arrive.

The expected reimbursement cost of $140,453 is to be paid from the city’s Wastewater Reserve for the voluntary replacement of the current capacity of the 8-inch line and the Wastewater System Development Fund for the voluntary increase in capacity of the 8-inch line to a 12-inch line.

In other council news:

City Manager

evaluation form and date

The annual performance evaluation of City Manager Richard Meyers is around the corner as the council set a date for evaluation for Oct. 11 at 6 p.m.

The evaluation will be in executive session.

The city council also voted unanimously to use the existing evaluation form.

Criteria on the form allow council members to grade the city manager on features of leadership, communications, personal traits, city council relationships, budgetary responsibilities, staff relations and foresight/vision.

There are 37 points, each of which councilors may grade on a scale of 1 to 5.

Meyers was hired and began working for the city 24 years ago in October 1997.

Purchase of Property

The city council voted unanimously to approve the purchase a 1.5-acre piece of property at 443 N Douglas Ave. for $275,000.

The city council met in executive session prior to the vote to discuss the transaction.

Once remaining requirements and counter proposals are satisfied, the city will proceed with the purchase.

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