Chatterbox: April showers bring May flowers; but not peace

The last two years, it’s been pretty hard for most of us to live our normal lifestyle. Thanks to the COVID pandemic we all learned how to wear a mask and be both safe and miserable. So, there was much rejoicing on my part when science came up with a vaccine that protected us, slowed down the death rate and let us breath again. Hallelujah!

The shock of COVID, however, was replaced by Russia declaring war on the Ukraine. I hate bullies but I promised myself that I would not comment on Russia’s horrific invasion and killings in this column.

Why? Because I hoped, that with the world looking on, a few shots would be exchanged, the participants would meet and come to some sort of agreement to stop the madness. 

Unfortunately, I was wrong. The Russians haven’t played nice or gone home. Instead, they upped the war ante and became one of the most brutal killers of this century.

We all have watched with sinking hearts, hundreds of  innocent people being killed on a battleground that includes homes and neighborhoods. I am especially shocked at soldiers killing children, the elderly and the women they rape while others are packed into basements like sardines. 

All of this, of course, is out of our control. So, after we pray for protection of the helpless, my husband and I go outside and work out our frustrations in our gardens where the fresh air brings the promise of springtime and hope. 

During our winter cleanup, we dig and rake up months of debris hindering the young plants trying to bud out. This year they needed some extra help.

For several days, our entire property, was covered with a sheet of yellow pollen. It was everywhere. It took days of sweeping, cleaning and digging things up in hopes of encouraging spring blooms. I was so grateful when 

azaleas, camelias, tulips, rhododendrons, roses and even weeds started breaking through the dirt. 

Life is like that. It has its ups and down. A mixture of good and bad. Some days the flowers are blooming and other days they’ve turned brown and dying. But they are predicable when treated well. 

Dealing with people is sort of like that. Treat them well and they will do the same. The world’s nations are a different story There’s always a war/conflict going on somewhere. 

This year, it’s Russia’s Putin who has shocked the world with his savage treatment of the Ukraine’s people, cities, monuments and environment. He hasn’t killed their spirit but he has shocked the world’s opinion of him.

At the recent Ukraine Rally for Peace in Cottage Grove, two architects, Ukrainian citizen speakers (now living in Oregon) were amazingly calm while discussing their home country under siege. 

Andrew Schular and Iryna Volynets spoke quietly from their hearts as they described the shocking war situation. Among other things, I was impressed when they ended by saying, “We are not asking for soldiers or weapons but medical and other support.”

So how will this end? Probably when the one who started it…stops it!  Sadly, a broom just won’t cut it.

Only God knows what to do. So please join me as I daily pray with others around the world, for a miracle to stop the destruction of a civilization fighting for its life. We must not let evil win! Let the sun shine again.

Thank you and God help our world! 

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